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… discover the spirit of Queen Square, Bloomsbury

Venture off the main roads in Bloomsbury and the back streets open on to a small, tranquil square. It is bordered by several old hospitals and 18th century houses. There is even a... READ MORE

… discover the beauty of The Charterhouse, EC1

The Charterhouse started life as a Carthusian Monastery and it has been on its site near Smithfield Market since 1348. During the 16th century it was used as a large mansion house. It... READ MORE

… discover the beauty of Brompton Cemetery, SW10

Take a stroll around Brompton Cemetery and enjoy the beauty of the tree-lined avenues, the calm and the many elaborate gravestones. This cemetery is a destination in it’s own right. You can while... READ MORE

… discover the beauty of central London

Walk a few steps in any direction in the city centre and you will find something that catches your eye. And when you look up you’ll often see a past that the shop... READ MORE

… discover the beauty of London during lockdown

Lockdown during the pandemic in March 2020 meant many things. One of the pluses was that central London was the quietest I have ever seen it in over 30 years. Standing in the... READ MORE

… discover the beauty of Victoria Embankment Gardens, WC2

The Victoria Embankment Gardens are the perfect antidote to the bustling streets surrounding it. Step away from the bustle of the Strand at Charing Cross station and a green vista opens up. Beautiful... READ MORE

… discover the beauty of the law courts, EC4

Be in no doubt, a stroll around the law courts is not only a visual treat of parks and buildings, but it gives a glimpse into history. Gowns and wigs are the order... READ MORE